Crawler crane considerations

5 09 2009

Operating crawler crane

As construction activity in oil industry is increasing in Indonesia, EPCI Company should ensure all lifting operation goes properly. Usually, contractors will use many types of equipment such as sling, shackle, load cell, which are known as lifting accessories or rigging equipment. The other important to do is to check crane regularly prior to main activity. This topic will focus on crawler crane in order to test it safely and properly. As few references are available in the nation, worldwide regulations can be an alternative instead of PP No.70 1996.

Many guidance or directions provide description, method, configuration and sequence of crane load test. Regulation explains many aspects which mandatory for basic crane testing. The following must be counted into consideration:

  1. Work force (Operator, rigger, leader, etc.) requirements
  2. Lifting equipments
  3. Relevant guidance, recommendation and practice


Each data should be defined corresponding appropriate specification. First criterion, for instance, incidental operator must possess a current license (Valid SIO), rigger & supervisor must have competence experiences.

Testing method used must appropriate with crane instruction or operating manual. Load test might use steel plate or concrete block to test the crane for both of static and dynamic testing.

Crane configuration can be carried out used with or without any additional counterweight attached. This should define the configuration in conjunction with load chart, crane capacity, dead/live load, and other relevant factor. Finally, lifting ratio should be more than 1,00 (Load < Actual Capacity). From this moment, Load test should be safely designed.





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