Marine Spread for Transportation Solution

19 06 2009

Actually, this topic is still interesting. We realize that it’s hard to find marine spread solution especially if we have no relevant experiences regarding this issue. Fortunately, Indonesia have many vendors or brokers that can help us to give what we need with competitive price. is one of the site that offers best and accurate information to the customers with a strong promise of quality services. Yes, we can find a lot of ships, tugs, barges, etc here in Indonesia. But most importantly we should know what we need for our cargo during sea transportation. Finding the correct barge and tug boat is challenge. In fact, we will face with engineering problem and available budget. We can see simple diagram below

FlowchartThis internal flowchart describe the sequence of finding marine spread solution. We, as cargo and client specification have been specified, can define barge, tug and applied load. We should combine it into one engineering calculation sheet. Each sheet has certain calculation model. Barge & tug boat should fulfill its stability criteria and bollard pull requirements.

1Stern tug 'Jul Sofus K' towing Black Marlin into the JacketBelow is a more detailed look at what’s to be considered in choosing a marine spread:

•Overall size of the barge & tug boat capacity

•Barge deck strength check

•Towing method during transportation

•Ocean route and duration

•Valid weather forecast


After all, we should concern whether available the budget is ok or not before we propose to client within engineering procedure. Just evaluate closely the location of site installation first and maximize marine spread & equipment utilization. We should considerate cost as economical as possible and select the sub-con/vendor whom fulfill their delivery obligation & competitive offers.





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