The Seafastening

20 04 2009

As we know, this seafastening document will always relate with transportation and offloading documents prior to site fabrication and construction.

Seafastening is activity that fasten the structures such as jackets, decks, modules and other equipments to the deck’s of barge/ vessel. The job can be done either through manual welding, lacing, bolting or by using automation tools. The equipment, consumables, and supervision will be required.

Seafastening by welding

Engineering procedure will be applied in accordance with client and other relevant specification. In fact, minor change of construction plan is only accepted through the reasonable practicable. The document should include the following:

  • Scope of work
  • Arrangment of seafastening & detail drawing
  • Calculation sheet
  • Weather forecast
  • Equipment check list
  • NDE document
  • JSA document

Input data can be obtained through valid weather forecast such as significant wave height, current and wind load. Engineer should make sure that all of these input data are still updated. 





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